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Dragon Master of the Olden Days | Download Batch PDF Dragon Master of the Olden Days.
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Status: Ongoing Batch: 60 series: Type: Subtitle: Penulis: Posted: Konohime Released: Updated: Views: 201
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Synopsis Dragon Master of the Olden Days

A wasteland with rampant wild beasts, humanity’s ability to survive is dropping. Su Heng unexpectedly obtained knowledge from the olden days and the magical <>, from now on, the counterattack begins. Hatching beast eggs, obtaining a high level bloodline unobtainable by most, obtaining skills to recreate combat power that won’t be seen in the next hundred years and using the “Secret Dragon Transformation Technique” to make the beasts by your side break through their shell and become gigantic dragons!

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Download Dragon Master of the Olden Days Batch


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